Whew – it’s done! Another wicked story from the Fae-Tales

And when I say done, I mean mostly done. It still requires edits and polish before the looming deadline when it has to go off for professional glimmer. Hahaha!

Okay, so this one is a seriously dark story. Can I even write light stories? I don’t know anymore. When I’m happily ensconced with a cup of tea, candle-light and the trees shimmering in vibrant hues outside, all I seem to be able to think of is how much pain and suffering I want to put my protagonists through. You see, I really believe and here comes the tagline that  “A HERO ISN’T BORN, SHE’S FORGED BY PAIN!”

That’s my new story—Marfóir, about a heroine who has to go through hell before she finds her inner strength.  Here’s the blurb!

Marfóir – the greater her destiny, the greater the price 

His touch … an aching memory, his voice … a haunting whisper, his smile like no other. He holds our daughter in his arms, and my heart soars. They’re gone … but I will find them, because not even death can separate us.

What would you do to avenge the ones you lost? From the dark bowels of the Fae-Tales, comes another savage story of twisted love. A new exhilarating novel, torn from the pages of the darkly unfolding world of the Fae, will compel you into the unexpected, to an undiscovered country from where no traveller returns.

A bonnie maiden, a dastardly villain, fairy princes and some very mischievous witches … ready to fill your world with magic?

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Almost there…

I know I’ve been at my computer for too long, when the only towel option left for me to dry myself with, is my dog’s towel…

Almost done with Marfóir. Four more chapters to go and then the rewrites, more polish, and it’s off to be edited and proofread. I promise, Marfóir is not as convoluted or as bizarre as Bloodreign III. That has a seriously twisted HEA…is it even an HEA? Yes! I think so. Please let me know what you think!

The next tale is a first person, present tense fun adventure in the dark world of the Fae. I like my new heroine—Áine. She’s pluckier than most I’ve written…but as you’ve probably realized, I don’t like insta-heroes. And when there are enemies around every corner, what’s a girl gotta do?



Bloodreign III Release Date: November 15!

Yay! We have a release date for Bloodreign III—Kingdom of Invincible Light: Nov. 15, 2018 or earlier.  Just working on the cover which will take a few weeks. Can’t wait to get this book out. It’s…well…crazy, mad love. If you’ve read and enjoyed books I and II, you may enjoy book III. It’s longer, more wicked and strangely twisted. Just the kind of story I love to read and write about!

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Here’s the blurb.

They are super-predators; dangerous, blood-thirsty, insatiable … and I’m one of them. Events were set in motion long ago. Technology given to mankind for a single purpose—to serve the Nuria. But the world has changed, our constant infighting has weakened us, and this last struggle for dominion could annihilate everything. I must become stronger to protect the ones I love. For in the approaching darkness, the meek shall inherit nothing.

Weaving the story of the Nuria throughout history, Marishka Grayson’s fierce trilogy of love and redemption comes to a final and brutal escalation when all the players meet their match. Though, it seems, some of them weren’t ready…

“Stew’d in corruption, honeying and making love” Electrifying…deliciously deviant and intensely satisfying—this book breaks all the rules.

For connoisseurs of dark fantasy: Regnum Luminis–Kingdom of Invincible Light. Book III of the Bloodreign Trilogy.

Working on the last chapter of Book III and then begins the polish!

Sigh, feeling a little wistful and not wanting to let go…of the Bloodreign characters.

I’m putting together a playlist, I need background music to type through the final chapter. Happy Easter & Passover Everyone! It was dark, now it’s light and I’m celebrating this ancient rite of transition into a new season.

Complete Immersion – At your own peril

I’m a fan of fully immersive writing. Not only do I want to research, I want to taste, smell and hear the places I describe, so I’m buying myrrh and frankincense essential oils. Wish I could get my hands on Haoma too–now that would be a fully immersive…albeit a very dangerous pursuit, although some of the characters in my books might beg to differ.

Hope you will enjoy my new book Bloodreign III; which I’m feverishly working on!