My most ambitious story yet

I’m halfway through a draft of book one of a new series. This one is a 2-book series. I’ve titled it Øystæinn. It will be the culmination of years of physics research, my love for mythology, spiritual knowledge and sexy descriptions of human copulation, which, as those who have read and understood my stories, will know, nothing is what is seems. There’s a deeper connection between things, a mystery that quantum physics is just beginning to unravel. I may dispense with glossaries and etymological musings if only just to get the story across. It’s beautiful and dark and I’m enjoying the heck out of writing it. I love my new characters. They are as complex as they are odd. The protagonist is a complicated person, so I’m glad to be writing from his perspective. Single person, present tense is challenging because it so often limited by the perspective of protagonists who are blinded or choose to blind themselves to the realities by their own limitations. This story will let me explore what has yet to be thought of and written down in an interplay of wild fantasy and solid physics. Since I keep track of characters and moods by visual imagery here’s a link to the pinterest page. Keep in mind that Pinterest no longer allows us to add visible notes, so I can’t tag any of the characters yet. I’ve discovered I enjoy writing M/M interactions, so once again this will be a story along that line. I like to break boundaries in life as in writing. I am about to break some more with this two book series. I hope you get to read it and enjoy it as I am. It’s the season of rebirth and resurrection. There can be no resurrection without pain and destruction. I’m breaking out of my confines, shattering the rules of engagement in literature and growing wings. Strap on. It’s a wild ride. Enjoy!

Much love


The Dark Side of Fairy Tales

October 28, 2021