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Saighdiúir (Fae-Tales Book 5)

Hard bunks, stiff drinks, dangerous days. You could describe my life that way or in three short words: cold, dark and often wet. Well, that’s five words, I admit. But it’s the life of a soldier. I have to say, I’m comfortable this way. It’s the only life I know. That’s until I meet Mael, and then things get colder, darker and so unbearably grim that the only thing I can think of is running. But only cowards run. I’m a soldier. I don’t run. I face my demons and the one glaring at me right now is the most beautiful demon I’ve ever seen. He’s my commander, or at least he thinks he is. Trouble is, I can’t remember a thing. Not even what happened yesterday before the explosion. Worse, he can’t find out. Whatever secrets I have, I’ve got to keep my mouth shut. There’s just one small problem, when he’s around, all I want to do is open my mouth and suck his sweet … lips. 😉

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