My Books

I write books that I’ve always wanted to read. They’re complex, filled with symbolism and bizarre characters, but in the end, they’re entertaining, and very brazenly so… My stories are dark, steamy fantasy infused with elements of fairy tales, historical fiction, science fiction and classical gothic literature. It’s unusual, but I think once you get a taste for it, you’ll enjoy the wildness of exploring something different with me.

Caught in the mesh of a mysterious war, his only hope of survival is to befriend the enemy. But when his new “friends” are hell bent on killing him, love’s the last thing on his mind. This haunting M/M romantic novel is filled with unforgettable characters. A rare and magical fairy-tale.
She was queen of a broken land. Captured and tormented by her enemy, she escapes and is pursued by even darker forces. Her only weapon—the love for her family. Book II of the exhilarating Fae-Tales will compel you into the unexpected, to an undiscovered country from which no traveller returns.

A killer stalks the streets of Florence in 14th Century Italy—a city filled with spectacular art, stunning frescoes and beautiful palazzos. But beneath all the glamour and silk brocade lies a darkness that seeps through the cracks and doors of Renaissance Florence. Caught in a tangled web of political intrigue and bitter rivalry, can two young lovers escape before the danger threatens to overwhelm them in a city gone mad?
He’s the original Bad Boy. Known as the god Dagda—he’s stubborn, ruthless and defiant, and those are his good traits. But in a world where peace is fragile, simply being a god isn’t enough … sometimes you need a demon to do a god’s job.
A dark contemporary fantasy, Bloodreign I is the erotically charged first volume of a fantasy trilogy, chronicling a young woman’s unwilling immersion into the shadowy realm of beings who have been operating secretly in our midst for centuries. Their passion knows no bounds, their savagery no end — for when you are all powerful, who can stop you?
Stunningly savage…entertaining as hell!
Regnum Aetheris–Kingdom of Infinite Void. A darkly erotic paranormal treat for those who prefer their books bloody and rare. A combination of dark romance, fantasy and science fiction, the story continues with Magda’s attempt to understand the Nuria—their self-inflicted suffering, sexual promiscuity, insatiable quest for power and political intrigue. To make matters more complicated, her lover’s inexplicable obsession with her is confusing. She wants to open up to him…but at what price to her sanity?
Weaving the story of the Nuria throughout history, Marishka Grayson’s fierce trilogy of love and redemption comes to a final and brutal escalation when all the players meet their match. Though, it seems, some of them weren’t ready…Electrifying, deliciously deviant and intensely satisfying—this book breaks all the conventional story-telling rules. For readers of dark, romantic fantasy: Regnum Luminis–Kingdom of Invincible Light. Book III of the Bloodreign Trilogy.
A single-minded quest for love, or merely heated obsession? A chance meeting with a handsome stranger plunges recent graduate Ava Polovec into the world of the ultra-rich. A place where life is a game and rules seem superfluous.