Expect the Unexpected

I like a good twist … especially in a book. If it’s a dark twist, then that’s even better. As a writer, this means that I have to maintain discipline and create a fictional world that’s believable enough that there’s a certain logic to it, even as unexpected events unfold.

I’m enjoying the characters who have embedded themselves in my head. My next story is Saighdiúir, an M/M story about love during war. It will wrap up the Fae-Tale series, the books about the powerful, but secretive races of the Fae who have invaded our world and in some cases, I hope, our hearts. If you’ve ever read old fairy-tales, you know that most of them are dark. They are cautionary tales about falling in love with the wrong people, discovering yourself, forgiving yourself, but first and foremost knowing and accepting yourself with all your strengths and weakness.

My books are a twisted mirror world of the darkness that permeates this life, a mysterious, unconscious reality that lies just beneath the surface—always watching and waiting … to reveal itself when you least expect the unexpected.