About Me

I write books considered Modern Romantic Gothic Fiction. The settings are varied, but many stories take place in the modern era. Like the Brontë Sisters’, my books are about protagonists who endure darkness before they can discover their own inner strength to persevere, rather than protagonists who are instant heroines and have no room to grow.

I enjoy books about paranormal romance, mysteries, fantasy and dark romance. For my research I devour mythologies, ancient holy scripts and fairy tales. These are sources of inspirations for my writing as well as my life. They enrich my everyday experience and make the world seem enchanted and divine.

For readers of dark, romantic fantasy: Regnum Luminis–Kingdom of Invincible Light. Book III of the Bloodreign Trilogy.

They are super-predators; dangerous, blood-thirsty, insatiable … and I’m one of them. Events were set in motion long ago. Technology given to mankind for a single purpose—to serve the Nuria. But the world has changed, our constant infighting has weakened us, and this last struggle for dominion could annihilate everything. I must become stronger to protect the ones I love. For in the approaching darkness, the meek shall inherit nothing.

Weaving the story of the Nuria throughout history, Marishka Grayson’s fierce trilogy of love and redemption comes to a final and brutal escalation when all the players meet their match. Though, it seems, some of them weren’t ready…

Electrifying, deliciously deviant and intensely satisfying—this book breaks all the rules.