Almost there…

I know I’ve been at my computer for too long, when the only towel option left for me to dry myself with, is my dog’s towel…

Almost done with Marfóir. Four more chapters to go and then the rewrites, more polish, and it’s off to be edited and proofread. I promise, Marfóir is not as convoluted or as bizarre as Bloodreign III. That has a seriously twisted HEA…is it even an HEA? Yes! I think so. Please let me know what you think!

The next tale is a first person, present tense fun adventure in the dark world of the Fae. I like my new heroine—Áine. She’s pluckier than most I’ve written…but as you’ve probably realized, I don’t like insta-heroes. And when there are enemies around every corner, what’s a girl gotta do?