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The Dark Side of Fairy Tales

I’ve ended my stories from the Fae-Tales and begun a new 2-series twilogy (yes, such a word seems to exist) which begins in a different setting. I’ve written several books and now I feel like I’m hitting my stride. The story is just spilling out of me, I’m writing book 2 currently. If you haven’t read any of my books, these may interest you, because you won’t need to dive deep into the background from any of the previous books to get right to the hot action. I’m loving the heck out of my new protagonist. He’s complex, difficult and secretive—not an easy guy to like, but then you know I’m not interested in easy characters or simple settings. I want to challenge myself and I want to entertain the reader who is looking for something a little different, dark and magical. Fairy tales are meant to stimulate the mind and imagination and call up deep-seated emotions. This series is another deep burrow into the heart of darkness. I hope you enjoy it.

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