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Yes! We have a release date.

It’s done! I finished the story. Deartháireach is off for professional editing in October to my wonderful editor, Catherine, to do her magic :0)

Oh, can I just say that I have a new crush on my protagonist, Mattia. He’s dark and dangerous, you know, the way I like them. Believe it or not, but the “stranger” in your midst may proffer a healthy genetic advantage, thus the inexplicable attraction of some people to the mysterious one who enters your “village” wantonly.

Here’s the blurb.

A killer stalks the streets of Florence in 14th Century Italy—a city filled with spectacular art, stunning frescoes and beautiful palazzos. But beneath all the glamour and silk brocade lies a darkness that seeps through the cracks and doors of Renaissance Florence. Caught in a tangled web of political intrigue and bitter rivalry, can two young lovers escape before the danger threatens to overwhelm them in a city gone mad?
Deartháireach is the third book in a series of standalone adult fairy tales. Inspired by Celtic mythology, Grayson weaves a sophisticated web of intrigue and machinations of Florence’s high society where high fantasy meets slow burn historical romance in this riveting story.

And the Cover is done!

August 13, 2019