New Book

Book 4 -phase 1 An Origin Story of the Fae

I’ve started my research for Ragús book 4 of the Fae-Tales and it’s been quite a revelation. I’m exploring the distant past of the Fae, which I’ve set in ancient Greece (remember those dashing Fir Bolg?). Turns out Democracy isn’t quite what I believed the golden age was. Demo and Kratia, meaning power of the people, was in fact solely for male citizens, as they were the only ones allowed to vote. It was done with shards of pottery called ostrakon (note ostracize means to vote out). The role of women was strictly regulated. Concepts such as moderation, modesty, and domestic lives were highly prized as virtuous living. Restraint was the highest form of civilization and savagery was frowned upon…except at certain festivals. Now that’s a font of inspiration for me—it’s rich ground for exploration and my writer’s mind is working feverishly to spin a story for us to enjoy. Spinning and weaving were considered VERY virtuous, so I’m happily spinning away with a mischievous grin because I like to spin a wild yarn as you may already know. Here are some images to whet your appetite. I’ll keep you posted.


Yes! We have a release date.

September 12, 2019