New Book

Working on new standalone book!

Hey Everyone,

Thought I would drop you a line, since I’ve been mostly on radio silence. I finished the Bloodreign series and it’s off to my awesome editor, Catherine, in a week. In the mean time, I’ve been typing out a new book. I’m having such a blast, I get up early to crank out texts and can’t wait to get up to type some more and I’m a sleepy head…so you see, I caught the bug again.

This one will be different, first person, present tense. I’m giving it a try and enjoying it tremendously. The world build is not as tricky as with my first series, so I can breathe a little while I write and don’t have stacks of papers that are interconnected (figuratively speaking, since…I like trees!). And, of course, I’m still doing research on the subject. It’s such an essential part of who I am, I can’t give it up. I hope you enjoy the new book. I won’t reveal too much and let you be surprised, hopefully positively!


Morfran, Leader of the Cliency