New Book

Whew – it’s done! Another wicked story from the Fae-Tales

And when I say done, I mean mostly done. It still requires edits and polish before the looming deadline when it has to go off for professional glimmer. Hahaha!

Okay, so this one is a seriously dark story. Can I even write light stories? I don’t know anymore. When I’m happily ensconced with a cup of tea, candle-light and the trees shimmering in vibrant hues outside, all I seem to be able to think of is how much pain and suffering I want to put my protagonists through. You see, I really believe and here comes the tagline that  “A HERO ISN’T BORN, SHE’S FORGED BY PAIN!”

That’s my new story—Marfóir, about a heroine who has to go through hell before she finds her inner strength.  Here’s the blurb!

Marfóir – the greater her destiny, the greater the price 

His touch … an aching memory, his voice … a haunting whisper, his smile like no other. He holds our daughter in his arms, and my heart soars. They’re gone … but I will find them, because not even death can separate us.

What would you do to avenge the ones you lost? From the dark bowels of the Fae-Tales, comes another savage story of twisted love. A new exhilarating novel, torn from the pages of the darkly unfolding world of the Fae, will compel you into the unexpected, to an undiscovered country from where no traveller returns.

A bonnie maiden, a dastardly villain, fairy princes and some very mischievous witches … ready to fill your world with magic?

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