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Released today! Marfóir— A Hero isn’t born, she’s forged by pain!

Torn from her family, separated from her people, she has to become something she wasn’t before—a killer.

Torn from the pages of the shadowy world of the Fae-Tales, Marfóir is another savage story of twisted, unrequited love. The Fae Realms are in turmoil. After a brutal revolt by enemy Fomoire, the Tuatha Fae Queen has been captured and is being held in Tír Tairngire, the twilit, murky world the Fomoire call the Gloom. They’ve been trapped in the Gloom for centuries, until the rise of the Dark One who’s launched a war against his oppressors, pitching the two Fae races against one another — the Tuatha and the Fomoire — with humans caught in between. A standalone – Book 2 of Marishka Grayson’s exhilarating Fae-Tales will compel you into the unexpected, to an undiscovered country from which no traveller returns.

A bonnie maiden, a dastardly villain, fairy princes and some very mischievous witches…ready to fill your world with magic?