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Live a little

Live a little, laugh a little, love a lot.  I’ve heard this phrase (or something vaguely similar) a lot of times, but for some reason, it’s resonating with me more now than ever.  Turns out, it’s never too late to listen to your inner voice, the naughty one, that tells you life is short and you better have a good time. Does this mean packing up your stuff and moving to Australia?  Well, yes, it could mean that.  Afterall, everything good and juicy seems to be coming from there right now.  The actors, the models, the musicians.  It’s the new California, the new West! It’s not just wild, it’s sophisticated as well, did I mention Australian wines! The country is chock full of nature, differing types and if you are a photographer…well maybe you have discovered paradise?

Have you been there? Write to me, tell me what you think and whether you would move there in a heartbeat, or after some serious deliberation.  I would probably find you attractive if you decided on a heartbeat, because you know, live a little, laugh a little, love a lot!!

The Veronicas – Hot number from Down Under



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June 26, 2016

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