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And Ragús is done

By done, I mean I’ve finished the first draft. And this story, folks, is back to my standard outrageous fun. I’ve had such a good time with the gods, I can’t wait to start the final book Saighdiúir, an M/M tale of passion. Back to Ragús, it’s filled me with divine elation, I hope you’ll enjoy it too. It’s the origin story of the Fae-Tales and wow, do tempers run high—lust, greed, passion, betrayal. Everything I could ever want in a story with memorable characters who won’t let you rest even for a moment. Warning! Some readers may find it too dark. But if you’ve read original Fairy Tales and mythology, and you appreciate my brand of madness, perhaps you’ll enjoy the tale, because this one’s truly special. I can’t wait to publish it, at this rate probably some time in the early Spring. Until then, wishing you a very Sacred Winter Solstice to you.