I love books! If you are on this site, I’m assuming that you do too. I enjoy books about paranormal romance, mysteries, fantasy and dark romance like the Brontë Sisters’ stories. For my research I devour mythologies, ancient holy scripts and fairy tales. These are sources of inspirations for my writing as well as my life. They enrich my everyday experience and make the world seem enchanted and divine.

Hot from Hell.” As if the pages were penned there. Dripping with restrained carnality…a foreshadowing of something insidious: Bloodreign II: Kingdom of Infinite Void—when you crave something more…devious.

His love was beautifully spun, woven like a finely linked net. I was the prey and he my hunter—and I would never stop running. Until I discovered his web was created especially for me, to catch me when I fell, to hold me when the world around me was dissolving …to trap me when he broke my heart. The second book in the Bloodreign Trilogy.

I would enjoy hearing from you. If you especially liked a scene or character, let me know.  I’m so enthusiastic about the people I write about, I fall in love with many of them over and over again. Please reach out to me if you want to chat Marishka.grayson@gmail.com. Thank you so much for reading my stories!