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Excerpt from Bloodreign I

Hey All!
A reviewer asked me to provide an excerpt from the book, so here’s one, in case you’re curious to peer deeper inside! ;0)

The door opened and the woman, Adrasthea, walked in, peering down at me imperiously. “We need to leave now, Magdalena. You’re no longer safe here.” 

I put down my teacup in shock. “What happened? Did something happen to Arik?” 

Confusion registered on her face. “No, nothing happened to him. He’s fine, but he asked me to take you with him and we need to be quick about it.” 

I stood up. “I’m not going anywhere until I get an explanation. What is heAdrasthea? Are you all vampires?” I spoke in a trembling whisper, realizing I’d stumbled into the lair of these vicious creatures. 

She eyed me with disdain. “Vampires?” She laughed coldly. “No, dear human child, we’re not vampires. But I don’t have time for a long explanation. We have to leave, right now.” 

Just as she said that, a soft knock at the door had us both turning around. When Cecílie walked in with the young boy I’d seen before, I could swear that Adrasthea seemed relieved. I grabbed my neck subconsciously just as she turned to face me again. She eyed me coldly and then reached out to me, but I stepped back. “Let me see,” she said, sounding almost kind. 

I scrutinized her expression. If she was a vampire too then there wasn’t much I could deny her. She reached for the bandages wrapped around my neck and pulled them off. When the wound was exposed, she hissed, “By Yau, what the hell did he do to you? 

I wrapped my neck back up gingerly. “Why, what is it? Is something wrong? It doesn’t hurt.” 

She gazed at me and laughed, a nasty expression on her face. “No, but it’s usually clean and quite appealing, like two elegant puncture wounds. With you” and she squinted at me jealously, “it looks like he wanted to eat you.”

I usually write no-holds barred fiction because I like to get down and dirty. In my books, gritty reality is always influenced by romance, magic and a little spice of craziness. Because who knows where the next page will take you...

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