Destination: Unknown

Nibbling from the Tree of Knowledge…

We’re hurtling through space, through time, through life. Who knows where we’ll end up. It’s exciting and frightening. Some people jump right into the excitement of a new love and let themselves be swept away by the current—like Ava in my second book of the Seductive Light series. She’s young, inexperienced and trusting and sometimes, that can be a very dangerous thing.

Moonlit Games – part II of Seductive Light – Coming out in March 2018.


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High on the icy peaks of Froberg, Norway, the sin of one man was being masked by the gods.

He unzipped the tent flap and let the morning rays of the sun penetrate the canvas enclosure in soft, divine light. Rune’s praying was different than most. His prayer was a worship of my body. He had reached into my innermost depths, his hands on my hips, and I was being drained of my last resolve. The sunlight hit my eyes and I closed them to protect myself, to avoid the shaft of light, shining to illuminate my shame. I was being consumed by this man, a total stranger, completely at his mercy, utterly under his power.

From my book Blue Lust – Coming Spring 2018

In the mood for some dark romance? Moonlit Games – Part Two of Seductive Light

“I swear Simon, come closer, and I’ll stab you.” I was hysterical, my clammy fist, grasping the wood of the sharp, pronged wine-opener, was shaking uncontrollably.
Simon was barely two arms lengths away from me. In a blur of movement, he had my wrist in his grip, the weapon falling uselessly to the floor, his other arm wrapping around my chest in a powerful embrace. “Ughh!” I exhaled, the air forced out of my lungs violently.
His lips caressed my ear as he growled coldly. “Didn’t Gavrik tell you? We’ve trained in Krav Maga together for the past ten years. There’s nothing you could have done to me, Avalina.” I felt his heart pump rapidly beneath his chest, despite his calmly spoken words. His heated breath seemed to scorch my skin as he pressed his lips against my jugular.  He kissed me, sucking so voraciously, I knew it would leave a bruise.
I struggled against him. “Leave me alone. You heard von Richter, I’m remaining with Sabine and you have no authority here!” His hold tightened on me and he suddenly ripped me around to face him, my lips inches from his. Like Gav, he was tall and his sheer physicality was paralyzing. His eyes crinkled at the sides with humor and he chuckled. “Authority? You’re kidding yourself, woman… I don’t need authority for anything.  Werner’s an idiot.  He’s simply a pawn in this game.  I don’t need his or anyone’s approval to do what I want to do.  And sugar, right now what I want to do is you.”  He licked my ear roughly. He actually licked my ear! Handsome and dangerous, he could have been a perfect villain in a bad play.
“Simon!” I pushed back against him and knew instantly that I had made a mistake.  I initiated a physical response, and he countered. He pressed his front against me, and the unmistakable hard eagerness of his member surged up against my lower half. Oh God, I was turning him on.  Every time I struggled against him, it excited him.  I needed to stop.  I went limp instead, but he seemed to anticipate that move. He lifted me with his powerful arms and pressed his mouth against mine, forcing me to open. “Don’t,” I mumbled through the kiss, “I’ll bite down!” I warned.  But he penetrated my soft lips, charging in with passionate and expert licks, coddling and coaxing my tongue to play with his.  I pushed against him, too scared to actually clamp down and hurt him.
He pulled away, breathless.“You want to bite me, sweetness, then do it!” He forced himself on me again, sucking all my air out. My nostrils flared in response. To my horror, the heat in my belly rose and moisture pooled in my panties. His large palm had cupped my bottom and with his other hand, he began to wrestle with my breast harshly. “Ava!” he whispered feverishly, covering my mouth whole.  Suddenly, I tasted a sharp tang. My God, he’d bitten down on his own tongue! Our mouths flooded with his blood and I thought I was going to gag, the sweet metallic taste assaulting my taste buds with a savage tingle I’d never experienced before. He continued to kiss me forcefully, yet unhurried, groaning and seemingly oblivious to the sting of his wound, as he crushed our bodies together as if trying to devour me whole.

Hi, I’m working on my next novel in the Seductive Light series – Moonlit Games, scheduled to be released sometime this Fall. Want a free copy? Click here.


Excerpt from Bloodreign I

Hey All!
A reviewer asked me to provide an excerpt from the book, so here’s one, in case you’re curious to peer deeper inside! ;0)

The door opened and the woman, Adrasthea, walked in, peering down at me imperiously. “We need to leave now, Magdalena. You’re no longer safe here.” 

I put down my teacup in shock. “What happened? Did something happen to Arik?” 

Confusion registered on her face. “No, nothing happened to him. He’s fine, but he asked me to take you with him and we need to be quick about it.” 

I stood up. “I’m not going anywhere until I get an explanation. What is heAdrasthea? Are you all vampires?” I spoke in a trembling whisper, realizing I’d stumbled into the lair of these vicious creatures. 

She eyed me with disdain. “Vampires?” She laughed coldly. “No, dear human child, we’re not vampires. But I don’t have time for a long explanation. We have to leave, right now.” 

Just as she said that, a soft knock at the door had us both turning around. When Cecílie walked in with the young boy I’d seen before, I could swear that Adrasthea seemed relieved. I grabbed my neck subconsciously just as she turned to face me again. She eyed me coldly and then reached out to me, but I stepped back. “Let me see,” she said, sounding almost kind. 

I scrutinized her expression. If she was a vampire too then there wasn’t much I could deny her. She reached for the bandages wrapped around my neck and pulled them off. When the wound was exposed, she hissed, “By Yau, what the hell did he do to you? 

I wrapped my neck back up gingerly. “Why, what is it? Is something wrong? It doesn’t hurt.” 

She gazed at me and laughed, a nasty expression on her face. “No, but it’s usually clean and quite appealing, like two elegant puncture wounds. With you” and she squinted at me jealously, “it looks like he wanted to eat you.”

Recipe for a broken heart?

You will need:

8 oz of courage

16 oz of tears

1 oz of bitter essence

1 litre of wine

a dash of regret

one very good, romantic book

Mix it all together.  Add some tissues and maybe a hot bath. Bake in a warm oven for several weeks and discard.  Every heart gets mended, even if some of the pieces are lost forever.

Much love to you!

Healing Rock


Hot and Quick! The Pleasure Trip – A short erotic story!

Italy goes with coffee, like New York goes with cheesecake and Chicago…you guessed it, with pizza! You see I love coffee!! It’s dark, sultry, deliciously hot or sexy cool, like the men Bella encounters after she wakes up in Italy without any memory of who she is. When she is meets intense, seductive Dr. Giacomo Stratta who is clearly a tempting, steamy cup of delicious man, she may have found what she actually needs to heal herself.

All I shall do is wet your lips in eager anticipation. Publishing timeframe: December 2016.


Happy reading!!

Dangerous Love – The Edge of Passion

It’s all consuming, destructive and ultimately full of exaltation.  It’s the type of relationship we may crave, but are too afraid to step over those boundaries. Because the intensity is too much to bear, and with every step we fall deeper into an abyss of crazed lust. In the end, it requires trust…and that is something that is very hard to achieve, especially when your feelings are confused, lost, frantic.  And those are just your feelings…


How do I achieve it?  I write.  I trust that my feelings will lead me to where I want and need to go.  That the lovers I describe, despite all their initial problems, will find their way through that intensity, that passion and that indescribable heat without losing themselves or each other.

Happy reading!!

Working on new series


New Book: Bloodreign I – Kingdom of Swords

Since time immemorial, they have been among us.  Fierce creatures with a lust for human blood and an insatiable desire for human flesh.  To fornicate brings the highest pleasure, to beget the deepest satisfaction. But what they cannot foresee, although it was foretold, is that one of them will arise among the many and cleanse the earth of their original sin.  I was caught in this struggle. I was loved and with this love, almost destroyed.  This is my story, this was my beginning.

Hello All,

I am currently preparing to work on book two of my Bloodreign series.  This second book is going to be even darker and more brooding as we go through the transformation of the protagonist, from youth to full grown male.  I needed to delve deeper into myself, to call upon more raw emotions, more painful feelings and more sexual aggression.  I found a great artist/dj who perfectly expresses my feelings – anger, frustration, powerlessness, lust. Here are some tracks.


I will let you know when Book I is available for reading. I hope you enjoy this new series!

Live a little

Live a little, laugh a little, love a lot.  I’ve heard this phrase (or something vaguely similar) a lot of times, but for some reason, it’s resonating with me more now than ever.  Turns out, it’s never too late to listen to your inner voice, the naughty one, that tells you life is short and you better have a good time. Does this mean packing up your stuff and moving to Australia?  Well, yes, it could mean that.  Afterall, everything good and juicy seems to be coming from there right now.  The actors, the models, the musicians.  It’s the new California, the new West! It’s not just wild, it’s sophisticated as well, did I mention Australian wines! The country is chock full of nature, differing types and if you are a photographer…well maybe you have discovered paradise?

Have you been there? Write to me, tell me what you think and whether you would move there in a heartbeat, or after some serious deliberation.  I would probably find you attractive if you decided on a heartbeat, because you know, live a little, laugh a little, love a lot!!

The Veronicas – Hot number from Down Under