For your convenience, some of the most common reader questions are answered right here.

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Q: How do I get an advanced reading copy?

A: Click the Advanced Reading Copy tab, or just email me from the contacts page.  I am eager to get the word out.  I love writing and want others to tell me what they think.

Q: Are your books for all readers?

A: Definitely not. I write adult fiction, with lots of situations that are intended for a mature audience. There are themes that may be objectionable to some readers, If you have strong views on mature topics, you may want to avoid my books.

Q: What are your books about?

A: I have written on several different topics, romantic and often forced escapes with alpha males being a major area. I have written some erotic fantasy as well as some romantic stories. My books have themes of religion, violence, idealism and passion, often these topics are all present in one book.