Hot and Quick! The Pleasure Trip – A short erotic story!

Italy goes with coffee, like New York goes with cheesecake and Chicago…you guessed it, with pizza! You see I love coffee!! It’s dark, sultry, deliciously hot or sexy cool, like the men Bella encounters after she wakes up in Italy without any memory of who she is. When she is meets intense, seductive Dr. Giacomo Stratta who is clearly a tempting, steamy cup of delicious man, she may have found what she actually needs to heal herself.

All I shall do is wet your lips in eager anticipation. Publishing timeframe: December 2016.


Happy reading!!

Working on new series


New Book: Bloodreign I – Kingdom of Swords

Since time immemorial, they have been among us.  Fierce creatures with a lust for human blood and an insatiable desire for human flesh.  To fornicate brings the highest pleasure, to beget the deepest satisfaction. But what they cannot foresee, although it was foretold, is that one of them will arise among the many and cleanse the earth of their original sin.  I was caught in this struggle. I was loved and with this love, almost destroyed.  This is my story, this was my beginning.

Hello All,

I am currently preparing to work on book two of my Bloodreign series.  This second book is going to be even darker and more brooding as we go through the transformation of the protagonist, from youth to full grown male.  I needed to delve deeper into myself, to call upon more raw emotions, more painful feelings and more sexual aggression.  I found a great artist/dj who perfectly expresses my feelings – anger, frustration, powerlessness, lust. Here are some tracks.


I will let you know when Book I is available for reading. I hope you enjoy this new series!

Upcoming Book!

I am so excited to have you visit my site.  I’m currently in the process of releasing my first novel Playing With Sunlight. Check out the release of the book slated for December 2016. If you want to be on my mailing list for new releases, please send me a message.  Thanks!


Playing With Sunlight – Book One of Seductive Light

Recent graduate Ava Polovec is stressed by her indecisiveness. Find a job, start her Ph.D? Putting off her plans for as long as possible seems like a good third option. Her life takes a surprising turn after a chance meeting with a handsome stranger who may prove too diverting to keep her focused on her own goals. She is swept up in a romantic and erotically charged liaison with the seemingly perfect man.  Could he be the perfect match for her as he claims?